Family owned & operated since 1952

Family owned & operated since 1952

Family owned & operated since 1952

Custom CNC Services

At Ralph B Evans, we utilize state-of-the-art CNC equipment to make the custom fabrication visions of our customers a reality. Led by true industry professionals, we’re able to offer a wide range of CNC services while also producing precise products, reducing labor costs and improving upon quality, thus delivering the most satisfactory end result. Our three most popular services include:

CNC Milling

At RBE, we employ only the best CNC machines to produce some of the finest products possible for our clients. With CNC milling, there are several advantages over other manufacturing processes. Some of those advantages include cost effective short / long runs, setup can be quickly achieved and turnaround times are shortened. Additionally, virtually every type of material can be drilled or cut and machined by the CNC mill. Just the same, using multiple-axis machines, we’re able to accommodate a wide range of manufacturing needs such as producing just about any type of shape that’s required. Regardless of the type of project, we stand confident that we can exceed your project needs the proper way.

CNC Lathe

Using the latest technology to provide precise CNC Lathe services and delivering cost-effective solutions of high-quality industrial components is another area of expertise. From machining engine components, fittings and spacers to name a few, our certified staff knows how to work with a variety of machining processing materials to bring about a perfect result each time. CNC Lathing machining can also be combined with CNC milling and other processes to make more diverse shapes. With each project performed, we uphold the highest quality standards to better serve our clients.

Custom Fabrication Machining

When your design is one-of-a-kind, it takes a shop with custom capabilities to bring your vision to fruition. We offer quick, professional, and affordable custom fabrication services. We have a broad range of abilities as it relates to automatic screw machines and fabrication projects for our clients allowing us to meet the requirements of any sized job large or small. Our experienced fabricators are constantly updating our equipment, training and safety procedures to ensure clients that we provide a safe and professional environment. Our staff is highly trained and capable of operating cutting edge machines at peak efficiency.

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To learn more about our custom CNC capabilities, we invite you to contact us via our web form or by calling 630-365-3554 today to discuss your next project!

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